The Institute has a Training and Placement Cell headed by the Training and Placement Officer. The office has been provided with the necessary infrastructure and secretarial assistance to enable it to function smoothly.


The Cell publishes brochures for the MBA and MCA batches, as well as the Quarterly Newsletter.


  • Placement of the MBA and MCA batches and all related activities, viz. formation of Placement Cells, working out the Placement Calendar, printing of the Placement Brochure, mailing, maintaining databases, making presentations, organising campus interviews, etc.
  • Arranging Summer Training for the MBA and BBA Students.
  • Organising seminars, guest lectures, and industrial visits in association with the members of the Corporate Relations Cell.
  • Printing and mailing of the quarterly newsletter, AIM News.
  • Developing and maintaining mailing lists of industrialists, company executives and academicians for different purposes like MCA placements, MBA placements,Newsletter, invitation for functions organised by the Institute, greeting cards, etc.
  • Coordinating with the members of the print and electronic media to ensure sufficient publicity of the Institute’s activities.

Final Placement Procedures:

There is a time bound, set procedure for both the courses. Accordingly, the following activities are performed:

  • A Placement Cell is formed, consisting of student members (numbering approx.10% of the batch size, for now), Head of Department, an additional faculty member, and the Training & Placement Officer who is the coordinator of the cell. After a formal meeting with the Director, the Placement Cell works as an independent unit and performs all the processes associated with final placements as also formulating the rules for the same.
  • The Brochure is printed and mailed out to various organisations, along with a covering letter signed by the Director, inviting them for campus interviews.
  • Presentations are made by groups of students to prospective organisations in different cities. These are followed by visits of the Training and Placement Officer along with the students to various cities for the purpose of follow up and formally inviting companies for campus placements.

Campus placements are organised on mutually convenient dates. A candidate is officially deemed selected on receipt of written communication from the organization in context.


Under the University curriculum, all students of MBA and BBA have to undergo a mandatory 6-8 weeks of training after the end of their second and fourth semester respectively. Towards the end, the Institute has the following mechanism:

  • Around the month of February, the forms are made available to the students so that they can apply for training to the industry of their choice. They are also counseled on the importance of the training, the standard policy and attitude of the organisations in providing training.
  • All the students are allotted faculty members as guides for consultation during the process as well as during the actual training and till the presentation of the report.
  • Receipt of letter from the organization concerned, willing to allow a particular student as trainee, completes the formality at this stage.
  • On receipt of Final Examination Schedule from the University, all the companies who have confirmed the acceptance of candidates in written are informed of the actual duration and dates of the summer training.
  • The students are monitored at regular intervals and the Institute arranges training for those students who express inability to do so on their own.
  • On the last day of their regular examinations, a counseling session is conducted in which: (a) Students are given a form which has to be filled on joining the training, and certified by the officer to whom the student is reporting. The receipt of this form at the Institute completes the joining formalities. (b) Students are given a handout which gives information on the dos and don’ts during the training as also the format for the Report, number of copies to be submitted, deadlines, etc.
  • On reopening of the Institute after summer vacations, the students are asked to submit their reports along with the certificates indicating completion of training. Presentations are then scheduled to be made by the students before a committee of faculty members.
  • After evaluation, project reports are sent to the library for future reference.

MCA students have to undergo six months’ training under the University guidelines, during the sixth semester. The basic mechanism for them remains the same, with the only difference being that the task of arranging the training is much more elaborate, i.e. training is considered as Training-cum-Placement and hence, all the activities are conducted in accordance with that viz. formation of the Placement Cell, printing of brochure, mailing of brochure, presentations made by students and faculty members in different places like New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and campus interviews. Thereafter, the process remains the same as above.