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Apeejay Institute of Management, Jalandhar, Punjab (North India) was established in 1997 under the aegis of the Apeejay Education Society founded by Dr Stya Paul. It was granted the status of a Technical Campus in 2012 by the All India Council of Technical Education. Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus has a very clear perspective of becoming academically responsive to the requirements of the Indian industry and commercial establishments. The Institute draws its strength from a highly qualified and experienced faculty for teaching courses in Management, Engineering and Computer Applications. It is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) & Govt. of Punjab and is affiliated to the I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (PTU), Kapurthala. Apart from the prestigious PhD in Management, the Institute offers doctoral programmes in Engineering & Technology and Computer Applications.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Library is of prime importance in any educational institution. The Technical Campus Library, grown into an impressive resource centre of knowledge, is worthy of providing all relevant data and information pertaining to various disciplines such as social sciences, psychology, economics, general management, finance, accounts, production, operations management, marketing, trade & commerce, including international trade, business laws, taxation, strategic management, information technology, mass communication, etc. The library is fully air-conditioned, spacious and has more than 25112 books.

To make the environment more congenial and comfortable for serious study, a number of double faced study carrels have been added to reading room.

Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus

DELNET: In order to strengthen AIMETC library service of online information access and sharing information resources among the other institutes & the institute become a member of DELNET (Developing Library Network). The Delnet services are very helpful to the researchers, faculty, students to procure the books, articles and documents from other institutes through DELNET.

OPAC: For the convenience of staff & students library has maintained an electronic database of books and project reports, which saves a lot of time to the researchers.

Digital Lab: The Library has its own computer section with multimedia facilities. It is equipped with scanner, printer, photocopier etc to facilitate the users.

NPTEL: The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India. It covers web courses/ video courses to all undergraduate and postgraduate students

Print Journals and Access to Electronic Journals: The Technical Campus Library subscribes to about 81 current journals, magazines (print form), dailies and e-journals including IEEE and EBSCO packages which provide access to more than 7000 e-journals to keep research scholars, faculty members and students updated about the latest developments in their respective areas. The Library has membership of DELNET (Developing Library Network) under DELNET-AICTE Programme to promote sharing of resources among the libraries by developing a network of libraries – by collecting, storing & disseminating information and by offering computerised services to the users.

Library Hours: The library is open till late in evenings, on Sundays and also on holidays to inculcate reading habits amongst the students.




Mr.Suresh Kumar

Designation : Assistant Librarian 
Qualification: M.Lib,M.A,PGDCA
Date of Joining: August 6, 2020
Email: [email protected]



Designation : Library Restorer 
Qualification: Diploma in Library Science
Date of Joining: July 16,2020
Email: [email protected]

The main responsibilities and activities of Computer Centre are to:

  • Provide, manage and ensure the satisfactory operation of joint computer and software facilities for the students and departments that require these facilities.
  • Provide technical assistance to various users.
  • Ensure the monitoring of the computer network at the campus, and the coordination of inter-connections and the management of overall computer facilities for the whole campus.
  • Provide computer facilities for the campus administration.

For conducting these tasks satisfactorily, computer center make use of a wide range of computer facilities. The institute has chosen a system based on work stations under Windows, Linux, which provide the interconnection and exchange of data between the various systems and enable us to provide our users with working environments adapted to their requirements and the students with tools reflecting the standards of the computer industry.

The Institute has established a high tech state-of-the-art Computer Centre and is equipped with High-end Servers. We have now 549 computers of which 3 are Servers, 18 laptops and 528 are desktop with C2D and core i3 processore.

The Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus, Jalandhar visualizes centralized computing facility, campus wide networking and information technology as a means to enrich the educational experience and invigorate emerging areas of scholarly research and education. Telecommunication and IT is a mixture of tools that can improve the nature and efficiency of country and institute as well.

For the Computational Services Centre has High End Computational Servers on which accounts are given to students, staff and faculty of the Departments and Centre’s in the campus. The Campus Network connects to   Departments, and Centre. Network Connectivity is also provided to the remote locations, which include both boys and girls Hostels. Computer Centre manages and administers the Internet links and the internet services such as electronic mail, World Wide Web, DNS, FTP and other services. Centre manages the Proxy servers and mail relay servers for the above services.

The students and staff make an extensive use of Computer Centre for Practical, Internet and e-mail facilities. The digital and hardware lab is well equipped with IC trainer Kits, Bread Board, Microprocessor Trainer Kits, IC testers, CRO, Interrupt Controllers, DMA Controllers Etc. for full interaction of students with digital as well as computer hardware. 

Internet speed of 72Mbps[30Mbps from Quadrant & 42Mbps From BSNL-VPNoBB under MHRD Project National Mission for Education(NME)] with contention ratio 1:1 is provided in the campus with the help of fiber-link .All computers in the Computer Centre and campus are connected to LAN, WLAN as well as WAN through Structural cabling & high-speed switches. There are 43 printers including 33 laser printers DeskJet printers and 8 Dot-matrix printers. Other equipment such as Scanners,Plasma TV and LCD projectors make computing facility more effective and efficient.



santosh kuma

Mr.Santosh Kumar

Designation : System Engineer 
Qualification: M.Tech(csc),B.E(ece)
Date of Joining: 26-07-2004
Email: [email protected]

Manoj kumar

Mr.Manoj Kumar

Designation : Computer Lab Assistant 
Qualification:  Bsc(IT), Diploma in Information Technology 
Date of Joining: August 6, 2020
Email: [email protected]


Mr.Dhanish Kumar

Designation : Computer Lab Assistant¬† 
Qualification: Bsc(IT)¬†¬† 
Date of Joining: September 6, 2019
Email: [email protected]