Saturday, September 30, 2023

August 21, 2023: The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) in collaboration with the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) celebrated World Entrepreneurs' Day with great enthusiasm. The event featured inspiring stories from both experienced and young entrepreneurs, highlighting the challenges and triumphs they encountered on their entrepreneurial journeys.

A guest lecture from an experienced entrepreneur was organised for the students. Dr Satnam Dass, Mentor, Start-Up Cell, Department Industries & Commerce, Government of Punjab, a renowned wellness coach was the resource person for the guest lecture. Arshita Bassi, a brilliant student pursuing her MBA at Apeejay Institute, took center stage to share her remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Nishika Mogla, a dynamic BBA student and a budding entrepreneur herself, also graced the event with her presence. The event concluded with a sense of motivation and enthusiasm among the attendees.

August 18, 2023: Recently, an Expert talk was organised on the topic ‘Gender Inequality.’ The students of B. Tech (CSE), BCA, MCA, MBA, B. Com (H) and BBA actively participated for this session. The resource person, Randeep Kaur (Medical Officer) Civil Hospital, Amritsar explained how Gender equality is important as it gives everyone, regardless of their gender, the same opportunities and rights. Also, she explained preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS. The workshop was a success, and the students learned a lot about gender inequality and HIV and AIDS. Dr Rajesh Bagga, Director, AIMETC motivated the students that equality should be given to both the genders without any discrimination.

August 16, 2023: The institute remembered the contribution of the freedom fighters as they celebrated the 77th Independence Day. A patriotic poem recitation competition was organised by the NCC wing. The students of NCC from different streams actively participated in the event. Gulshan from MCA bagged the First position. Second position was secured by Jasmilan of BCA (Semester V) and the Third position was awarded to Arushi Suri of B. Tech CSE (Semester I). All the winners were awarded with certificates.

August 12, 2023 AIMETC under Aarambh 2023 organised ‘Apeejay Fun-Athleticon,’ a one-day sports event for the new batch students of MBA, MCA, B. Tech., BBA, B.Com and BCA. Multiple athletic and fun games were held for both girls and boys comprising Lemon Race, Sack Race, Save your Balloon, Strongest Man (Push-Ups), Fun Games, Tug-of-war, Treasure Hunt and Chess.

Apeejay Fun-Athleticon Results:

  • Lemon Race

    Winner: Anshul - BCA (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Priyansha - MBA (Semester I)
  • Save Your Balloon (Girls)

    Winner: Komalpreet - MBA (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Kashish - MBA (Semester I)
  • Save your Balloon (Boys)

    Winner: Piyush Raj - BBA (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Manan Jain - BBA (Semester I)
  • Musical Chairs (Girls)

    Winner: Chandanpreet Kaur - BBA (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Arushi – B. Tech. (CSE) (Semester I)
  • Sack Race

    Winner: Saksham – B. Tech. (CSE) (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Saradindu - BBA (Semester I)
  • Strongest Man (Push-ups)

    Winner: Saksham - B. Tech. (CSE) (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Eliah - BBA (Semester I)
  • Treasure Hunt (Team Event)

    Winner:Chandanpreet Kaur - BBA (Semester I)
    Harleen Kaur - BBA (Semester I)
    Muskan - BBA (Semester I)
    Noormiya - BBA (Semester I)
  • Chess
    Winner: Tarandeep Singh – B. Com (H) (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Rudraksh Sharma - BBA (Semester I)
  • Tug of War (Team event)

    Winner: Parampreet - BCA (Semester I)
    Yuvraj - BCA (Semester I)
    Neonika - MBA (Semester I)
    Anshul - BCA (Semester I)
    Pratham - BCA (Semester I)
    Gurjot - BCA (Semester I)
    Manpreet - BCA (Semester I)
    Sahil - BCA (Semester I)
    Ankita - BCA (Semester I)
    Mehak - BCA (Semester I)
    Chandanpreet Kaur - BBA (Semester I)
    Noormiyan - BBA (Semester I)
    Runner-up: Manmeet - MBA (Semester I)
    Mitali - MBA (Semester I)
    Surbhi – MBA (Semester I)
    Ashima - MBA (Semester I)
    Arshpreet - MBA (Semester I)
    Kashish - MBA (Semester I)
    Jatin - MBA (Semester I)
    Saradindu - MBA (Semester I)
    Bhavuk - MBA (Semester I)
    Eliah - MBA (Semester I)
    Fagun - MBA (Semester I)
    Ashmeet - MBA (Semester I)

August 11, 2023: A spectacular promotional campaign for the highly anticipated Punjabi movie 'Junior' was organised at AIMETC. The lead actors, Mr Amiek Virk and Ms Srishti Jain were accorded a warm and enthusiastic welcome by both the faculty and the students of the institution. The audience was left awestruck by the gripping trailer of the movie. Dr Rajesh Bagga, Director of AIMETC extended a heartfelt gratitude to the entire 'Junior' team for their enthralling performances. He conveyed his best wishes for the triumph of the movie, underscoring the institute's support for creative endeavors that enrich and engage audiences.

August 1, 2023: A 31-day induction programme Aarambh 2023 was organised for the first-year students of MBA, MCA, BBA, B. Com. & B. Tech. courses which commenced in Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus. The purpose of this Induction programme was to help the new students develop a sense of camaraderie and acquaint them with the functioning of the institution.

The Director of the institute, Dr Rajesh Bagga, gave a warm welcome to all the new students. He elucidated the rich legacy of Dr Stya Paul which is being carried forward by her only child and daughter Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia. In her message, Madam Chairperson motivated the students to strive for excellence with earnest dedication and perseverance.