• Loyalty to the College by being punctual and reliable in all duties.
  • Integrity by being honest in words and actions.
  • Creating and maintaining strong relationships with students and staff:
    1. Proper interactions with students.
    2. Maintaining professional boundaries with students and staff.
  • Maintaining dignity by treating students with care and kindness.
  • Being supportive and cooperate with other staff members.
  • Fulfilling responsibilities by meeting the required standards for every assigned task.
  • Practise mutual respect, trust and confidentiality.
  • Practise justice by being committed to the well being of individuals, the wider community and the common good of all people.
  • Must respect and maintain the hierarchy in the Administration.
  • Should adhere strictly to the official resumption/ closing time and must dress decently & appropriately.
  • Must not use unauthorised persons to perform official duties.