Guest Lecture on Career in Open Source Technologies

AIMETC, Jalandhar organised a guest lecture on ‘Career in Open Source Technologies’ which was presented by Mr. Hitesh Dawar, CEO; Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Technical Head and Ms. Harleen Barmi, HR Manager, Iniz Solutions, Jalandhar on 24th January 2014. Mr. Hitesh Dawar explained various frameworks like PHP & MVC (Model View Controller) and enlightened the benefits of CMS (Content Management System) to the students of AIMETC.


Guest Lectures on STAR Scheme of NSDC/NASSCOMM

AIMETC, Jalandhar organised a series of guest lectures on the STAR Scheme of NSDC/NASSCOMM sponsored by the Ministry of Finance. The lecture was delivered on 5th Feb., 17th Feb, 22nd Feb and 1st March 2014 by Ms. Kuljeet Kaur, Director, Tech Nivarana, Jalandhar; Mr. Jitender, CTO and Mr. S.N. Sareen, Chief Manager, SBI. The complete training was divided into 7 modules. The resource person gave an effective PowerPoint presentation on these modules which kept the students engrossed. The modules of NSDC STAR include: Basics of Computer Hardware, Networking Basics, maintain a healthy, safe & secure working environment, manage your work to meet requirements, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), Consumer Service and Server Handling.

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Workshop on Embedded Systems using PIC Micro Controller

The CRC Cell of AIMETC organised a workshop on ‘Embedded Systems uses PIC Micro Controller’ for the MCA (5th semester) students. The workshop was presented by Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Director, Eureka ElectroSoft, Mohali on 13th September 2014. The plan of action for the day included introduction to embedded systems, demonstrations of applications with Android and details of PIC micro-controller details. The convener of CRC, Mr. Ranjit Singh; Dean, SIT and Director, Dr. Rajesh Bagga appreciated the company officials of Eureka Electrosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh.

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Guest Lecture on TCS Open Ignite Programme

AIMETC organised a guest lecture on ‘TCS Open Ignite Programme’ delivered by Ms. Komal Sachdeva, Trainee, Software Engineer, TCS, Chennai on 16th September 2014. Ms. Komal discussed about the TCS Open Ignite Programme. Open Ignite helps Science students launch their careers by improving their chances of being employed with a host of practice aptitude tests and programming challenges.

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Guest Lecture on Latest Technologies

AIMETC organised a guest lecture on ‘Latest Technologies’ which was delivered by Mr. Sumit Kumar Sethi, Director, Pic N Frames Technologies, Chandigarh on 22nd September 2014. The guest lecture was conducted to let the students understand how they can improve their skill set and choose the correct technology according to their skill set.

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