S. No. Name Designation Mobile Number E-mail ID

Dr. Rajesh Bagga

Director 98766-11268 [email protected]

Ms. R.R. Rajan Chaudhary

Dean-School of Business Studies 99153-14502 [email protected]

Mr. Bhanu Kaura

Deputy Office Superintendent 88720-20165 [email protected]

Mr. Suresh Kumar Bains

Assistant Librarian 98154-36285 [email protected]

Mr. Amrik Singh

Clerk 98722-20566 [email protected]
S. No. Name of the Faculty member Designation Email ID Contact Number
1. Mr. Rajneesh Arya Dean,
School of Management Studies
[email protected] 98729-95965
2. Ms. R.R. Rajan Chaudhary Dean, School of Business Studies [email protected] 99153-14502
3. Mr.Kanwal Gurleen Assistant Professor in Management [email protected] 9876230542
4. Mr.Santosh Kumar Mishra System Engineer [email protected] 9815254262

Name of the person who will be responsible for handling the process: Ms. R.R. Rajan Chaudhary at S. No. 2 in the above table

Important instructions for the students

  • According to Hon’ble Supreme court of India, Ragging in educational institution is banned.
  • Ragging is a cognizable and undesirable social offence.
  • Senior students are instructed not to indulge in ragging
  • Ragging would entail heavy fines and/or suspension/expulsion.
  • In case of ragging, please do not keep quiet. Report it to the authorities immediately.
  • It is mandatory for the parents to report immediately to the authorities of the Institute, in case their wards inform them about any form of ragging.

Important telephone numbers in case of emergency

Name & Designation Phone Number
1. Dr. Rajesh Bagga, Director 98766-11268
2. Mr. Sukhjeet Singh, SHO, Nangal Shama Police Station 98788-22889
(School of Information Technology)  
3. Dr. Kulwant Kaur, Dean 94176-33102
Students’ Representatives  
4.Ms. Sanjana 95014-58426
  1. Ms. Rashmi Jain
Parents’ Representatives  
6.Mr. Subhash Chander 70095-42457
  1. Mr. Nareh Jain
(School of Management/Business Studies)  
8.Mr. Rajneesh Arya, Dean 98729-95965
Students’ Representatives  
  1. Mr. Raghav Bhanot
  1. Ms. Nandini Prashar
Parents’ Representatives  
  1. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bhanot
  1. Mr. Ajay Prashar
(School of Engineering)  
13. Mr. Avnip Deora  98725-00695
Students’ Representatives  
14.Ms. Vanshika Sharma 88512-97519
15.Mr. Varun Sharma 62841-69930
Parents’ Representatives  
  1. Mr. Krishan Dev Sharma
17.Mr. Sanjay Sharma 94637-67741

Internal complaint committee of the institute constituted as per the rules framed by the Society in accordance with the “ The Sexual Harrassment of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibtion and Redressal) Act & rules 2013.

S. No. Name of the Faculty member Designation ICC role Contact Number
1. Ms. R.R. Rajan Chaudhary Dean, School of Business Studies Presiding Officer 99153-14502
2. Mr. Rajneesh Arya Dean,
School of Management Studies
Member 98729-95965
3. Dr. Anu Sahi Assistant Professor in Management Member 98156-52244
4. Ms. Rishika Dhawan Advocate & Member NGO External Member 98119-66222
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