To be a center of academic excellence, to create leaders and innovators in Management, Engineering & IT – for fulfilling the industry and societal requirements.


  • To equip students with skill-based practical Management, Engineering & IT knowledge.
  • Our educational programs focus on graduating outstanding individuals who have skills of both entrepreneurs & employees and are prepared to excel in a dynamic & competitive market place.
  • To train the students on analytical skills and develop their capacity to lead domestic & global organizations through innovation and creativity.
  • We strongly believe that a blend of relevant knowledge, skills and right attitude towards life is essential for the overall development of students which determines their growth & success in the corporate world and also their spiritual well-being.

Quality Policy

AIMETC strives for excellence in imparting value-added Management, Engineering and Computer Education through continuous improvement of Infrastructure, Systems & Processes and with development of the human resources to satisfy the needs of industry and society at large.

Values that drive AIMETC, Jalandhar, and support its Vision:

Moral and Ethics

AIMETC is pledged to flourishing moral and ethical values in all students of the Institution. The entire system of education lies on the strong base of morals and ethics which make every person in the Institute a good human being. Having knowledge of the good and bad makes every individual a responsible citizen of the nation.

Respect for the Individual

AIMETC is pledged to respecting everyone irrespective of his age, gender, caste, and creed which includes respecting the hierarchy, i.e. every individual is bound to respect his senior undoubtedly.

Selfless Service

AIMETC is pledged to conveying selfless service to the society by and large. This includes taking care of the social well-being of the people in and around to make this place a better world.

Sharing & Caring

AIMETC is pledged to share and care for one another; be it within the boundaries or outside the boundaries of the institution. Within the Institution the faculty members and deans share their valuable experiences with the younger generation and take care of them. Outside the Institution, the students show their concern to the society and nature by organising various activities.


AIMETC is pledged to delivering quality in all aspects of education; be it in teaching or in infrastructure. Quality is never taken at any stake to cope up the high results in academics.


AIMETC is pledged to building discipline among the students as well as in the Institution throughout. It helps the student to be focused, stay healthy and also to stay away from bad habits. In today’s lifestyle and social trends, discipline techniques have become one of the essential and important life skills for any student.


AIMETC is pledged to strive for excellence to take best out of the student. In your role as a student, it is important that you do your best and produce excellent work. Approaching for excellence increases the confidence and esteem as well as result good grades.


AIMETC is pledged to taking amenability for personal and professional growth of the students which in turn improves our systems and policies. It develops clearly defined aims and targets.