Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering is furnished with a state-of-the-art Physics Lab, with sophisticated precision based tools and devices to build the student's aptitude in understanding common phenomenon and development of direct observation as compared to inferences based on theory.

The campus also possesses a high-end Chemistry Lab with cutting edge branded equipment and boasts of unique integrated design to cater the needs of gas and water supply in addition to adequate safety measures.

  • Workshop is the central facility for imparting training to the Engineering students. It comprises various shops namely Fitting Shop, Welding Shop, Carpentry Shop, Machine Shop and Electrical Shop. Students of all branches use Workshop facilities for fabrication of their minor and major projects.
  • The shops are endowed with modern machines and tools to help students practice and envisage various manufacturing processes. The students can get hands-on experience of machine operations, carpentry tools and joints making, fusion welding processes & fitting processes, along with knowledge about basic electrical and electronics circuits.

The lecture theatres and classrooms are specially designed to make the teaching effective with the help of Smart Interactive whiteboards and LCD Projectors.