John W Gardner once stated:

"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinary well."

The pursuit of excellence is a way of life at Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus. We pull out all the stops in giving the students our best in terms of course structure, infrastructure, technological advancement or educational ambience. Recognizing the enormous potential of education, we try our utmost in providing most prized and cutting edge qualification so as to create a highly competent pool of tomorrow's business elite.

We make available a blend of academic, cultural and intellectual resources so as to provide the students with a vibrant and dynamic environment for the all round and harmonious development of their personalities. Striving ceaselessly to provide more engaging and conducive learning environment, the conventional classroom teaching is supplemented by such leaning opportunities as seminars, workshops, guest lectures and paper presentations. It's been for these reasons that this institute has been a dream destination for those aspiring to pursue their interest in the field of Management and IT Education.

It gives me a great joy in extending a warm and hearty welcome to all the students desirous of joining Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus for various courses offered by it. Wishing you all success.

Dr. Rajesh Bagga