For continuous counseling of each and every student at the Institute throughout his/ her stay, the Punjab Technical University has devised a system of tutorials. Teachers are appointed as advisors for a batch of 15-20 students. A Chief Counselor is also appointed to coordinate activities of the advisors. A list of such advisors is also sent to the University. In order to make the advisory system more effective, records are maintained by the advisors and their functions are clearly defined as follows:

A. Records to be maintained of each student:

Every advisor is expected to maintain the following records in a file of each student allotted to him/ her:

  • Bio-data with photograph.
  • Graduation requirement.
  • Courses being studied/ passed semester wise with performance.
  • Participation and co-curricular activities at all levels.
  • Cases of acts of indiscipline and punishment awarded, if any.

B. Functions to be performed:

  • Hold meetings with all the advisors at least once in a month. However, the students shall be free to meet advisors at any time otherwise.
  • To apprise the students about rules and regulations of the University/ Institute and amendments made from time to time.
  • Inform parents/ guardians of the students about their performance in studies and other activities undertaken by them.
  • Provide guidance and to encourage the students to build-up a balanced personality.
  • Act as local guardian to the students in all matters.
  • Act as a link between the students and Institute/ University authorities to reduce the communication gap.

In the beginning of each academic session, the Chief Counselor calls a meeting of all the advisors of the Institute and discusses with them the various issues related to the advisory system. The Chief Counselor also allots the newly admitted students to the Advisors in consultation with the Director of the Institute. It is the responsibility of the Chief Counselor to ensure that the advisory system is being followed in the Institute in the right spirit.